Wear it

NBA Hall of Famer, Michael Jordan wore his North Carolina Tar Heels practice shorts under his NBA uniform his entire career.  Popular author/blogger, Seth Godin wears mixed matched socks.  Actor/Comedian, Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $20 million and kept it in his wallet until he earned that amount for The Cable Guy in '96... The list goes on how successful people use rituals, and reminders to motivate and move them in the right direction.  I wear two rubber wristbands, one red one that says "Cherokee" and one blue one that says "4 E's".  The red wristband reminds me that I'd like to give the best opportunities to my family.  The blue wristband reminds me how I should treat people.  Most of us have the attention span of a teen in trigonometry class, so physical reminders are needed and at the very least, they're good conversation starters.

Wear it, work it, win it.


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