Why Are We Compelled To Pick Our Scabs?

The other night, as my wife an I discussed some of the deep truths, concepts and philosophies that have been pondered for thousands of years, the topic of scabs came up.  Why are we compelled to pick our scabs?  When someone injures themselves, God, in His intelligent design, developed a process where our open wounds could be cocooned in a burgundy, crustaceous Under Armour(R) while the healing process takes place.  If all works as planned, eventually the scab falls off and there's little-to-no sign of the old wound.  Here are a few thoughts on scabs and scab picking:

1.  You need insulation for proper healing - When wounded, it's best to be insulated, (not isolated).  Having an environment to heal is so important.  However, the tendency could be to isolate the wound and continue to focus on it - eventually the wound takes up our attention and we can help but pick at the wound -- essentially hurting ourselves in the process.
2.  Don't shortcut the healing process - Instead of allowing the process of healing to take place, if we're not careful, our tendency is to continue to the revisit the old wound tearing it open again and again and again - ultimately the wound never heals quit right and there's always a sign of your past wound that's very noticeable - even years later.
3.  Healing can be an ugly process sometimes - but if you allow the healing process to take place you typically find yourself fully restored to your original design.

So, like mom always says - "Don't pick your scab!"

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