12 Traits to Remember

I've read that Thomas Edison had several traits that he would focus on and try to improve each day. It's no wonder that Mr. Edison was one the world's most prolific characters in history.  I liked the idea, so I adapted it and use the technique myself. In my calendar, I have a trait to emphasize a little more each week.

  1. Smile - a person, no matter how unattractive, improves their magnetism with a smile.
  2. Remember - remember a person's name, it's one of their most treasured words.
  3. Close - don't be afraid to close the deal, lead a little.
  4. Enthusiasm - being a downer is contagious -- so is being an upper.
  5. Order - creating lines, borders, ground rules actually creates freedom.
  6. I'm 3rd - borrowed from Joe White's famous motto - God, others, then me 
  7. Listen - most of the time, the best way to communicate in a conversation is with your ears.
  8. Sincerity - real always works.
  9. Knowledge - learn every day.
  10. Praise - people rarely receive praise when they become "adults", but the kid in them still looks for it.
  11. Key Issues - cut out the clutter, and focus on what's going to get you to the dance.
  12. Questions - there's usually a reason behind the reason, so ask questions. 

It's like a string on your finger, or a wristband you wear to remind you of something important.  That's my 12 things, I could probably add a few more, but that's for another time.  Now, you make your own list of traits, post them in your calendar, and practice.

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