Crews and Competing

People need to belong to a fellowship; people desire a battle.  
The problem is, if you don't figure out what your purpose is, 
you'll invent strange ways to belong to a crew and compete.  
I was walking on lunch the other day and I saw a very strange 
and sad scene: grown men taking their one hour of freedom 
during their work day trotting out to a field of grass behind 
their office building to play...kick ball. Yes, 20 and 40-somthing's
playing kickball - really!!?  

We live in a society that has a bunch of sick men and tired 
women. Men that are sick in their heart, and women that are 
tired of wearing the pants. It's no wonder we create weird things
for us to entertain ourselves with, and perhaps deaden the ache 
of regret. More women are working than ever before to pay for
their "man's" toys. More men are spending their hours being 
"gamers", playing video games, softball, joining church basketball 
leagues or simply watching other people compete on the tube 
instead of getting in a crew that will call them into a battle that 
is the most magnificent competition in which they canindulge in
- a cause that will bring out all that is best; something that removes 
all that is base.  

General George S. Patton once said, "All men are afraid in battle. 
The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty.  
Duty is the essence of manhood." I hope to seek out men of duty, 
connect with them and if I'm fortunate, they will join my crew and 
compete alongside me for the hearts and minds of men.

Things that will determine where you'll be in the future:
1. The people you hang with (your crew)
2. The books you read (your field guides)
3. The stuff you put in your brain through your ear (your attitude)
4. The vehicle you choose to go places (choose wisely)

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