The Wasabi Way

I have a food fetish for western style sushi.  Any chance to eat the Japanese cuisine, of hand-formed clumps of vinegar rice and assorted fish, I do.  Aside from soy sauce and ginger, my favorite sushi condiment is wasabi, a piquant paste made from the grated root of the wasabi japonica plant.  Wasabi is a neon green, fun, little play-doh-like substance. Wasabi is usually served in the tiniest of dollops.  However, as soon as you inject the neon green play-doh you're in for a shocking surprise!  Wasabi sends a five-alarm signal to your palette, especially you're nostrils!  The tiny green stuff packs a punch more potent than horseradish, and jalapenos combined.
We should be more like wasabi in life.  It's not about being big, bodacious, or loud.  It's about being audacious in substance.  When we enter a room, are added to a group, circumstance, or situation we should add noticeable pop, flavor, surprise and flavor to the mix.  And if we can clear out someones sinuses it's just a bonus.  
Find people that are like wasabi and get around them more.    

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