I recently read a book titled, "How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling" and I was intrigued by a chapter about "questions". Instead of making so many positive statements, you should put your conversation in the form of questions the author added. The author of the book went on to describe how in one day he generated more sales then he had anticipated for the entire year! The epiphany of simply asking questions changed the entire trajectory of his sales career! It made me think about how the principle of asking questions is so important to direct selling too. If I were looking into a direct selling opportunity for the first time here are a few questions I would ask my potential sponsor: 1. Is the company you represent debt free? 2. Is the company privately or publicly held? 3. How long has the company been around? 4. Is the company registered with the BBB? 5. What % of company sales go back to the business owners in the comp. plan? 6. Does the company have a global footprint? 7. Is the company an innovator (how many patents, awards, etc. are they responsible for)? 8. Is the product line limited by a specific category? 9. Where do they rank in their category (are they a leader)? 10. How are they investing in the future? 11. How many products do they offer to sell? 12. What are their annual sales? 13. Do you use your own products? These a few questions I would ask. How about you?

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