Give, Receive, and be the second chance

I fail a great deal. If I fail, it means I'm trying. Trying something! A mentor of mine once said, "If you try something, something will happen." Generally, I like something happening more than nothing happening. However, if I try, I generally fail. It's not a matter of if I'll fail, but when. One second I'm taking a chance, the next second I need a second chance. I'm a part of The People of the Second Chance, which is a community of individuals who advocate radical grace and second chances. We champion lost causes and think that a second chance is a human right.People of the Second chance have 3 core values: 1. People of the Second Chance are individuals who are fast to forgive. In a culture that believes in revenge and payback, we rebel with grace. 2. People of the Second Chance receive second chances in their own life. When we have experienced personal, professional, or relational failure, we refuse to be defined by our mistakes. We learn, we grow, and we have the courage to move on. 3. People of the Second Chance serve in places where people need second chances. We advocate for the vulnerable and fight for equality for the poor, the prisoner, and the voiceless.These three values can be simply summed up by:Give, Receive & Be the Second Chance.

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