Operation Clean Up - My Detox Journal

So, I started a detox/cleanse on Monday, 8/17 for several reasons: 1. Lately, I’ve felt like I wasn’t living at optimal health – felt lethargic, slow to wake up in the mornings, etc. 2. I heard a testimony from a woman about the benefits of a cleanse at a meeting one time and my wife and I have desired to do one every since 3. The spiritual discipline of fasting has always been one of the best ways to put the flesh in submission to the spirit. There are lots of detox diets, so I won’t get into which one I am doing, but I’ll generally give you a snap shot of the process and diet. I plan to go for 14 days. I discovered Dr. Chet, whom I trust developed a detox recipe that I would have followed if it were just a week earlier! Follow the link below for a summary of Dr. Chet’s three choices to choose from: Detox Journal: Monday, 8/17/09 Day 1: Excited to get started, but not sure if I’ll be able to make it the entire day. I normally can fast until the evening and I give up. Made it all the way! Tuesday, 8/18/09 Day 2: Started out well. Our admin. brought in a huge load of Panera bagels, cookies – stayed away from the goodies, but hit the wall around 11 AM or so, felt very tired, but was able to make it once again. I suppose it helped that I was busy in the evening meeting with a potential franchise owner in Denver metro area. Perhaps, the schedule helped me keep my mind off of food, etc. Wednesday, 8/19/09 Day 3: Woke up very energetic, felt light and ready to go! It seems I had a second wind kick in or something. I had one minor temptation; someone came over to my desk to offer me chocolate (not a big chocolate fan, so didn’t faze me much). Had adrenaline going for the evening meeting I had with my friend Mike and others, so didn’t think much about eating. Thursday, 8/20/09 Day 4: Feeling good, still feeling energetic, had a meeting to discuss internet projects I’m working on during lunch and bought someone Qdoba. Believe it or not, staring at a huge queso & steak burrito didn’t faze me – I was in the zone. Felt kind of tired around six, but fought through it. Friday, 8/21/09 Day 5: Feeling good so far. This is a big day for me! Just the fact that I made it until today is a huge accomplishment! Let's see how the evening goes... CAP Wrap up - Obviously, I'm not a Doc., by here's my wrap up of the detox experience: From what I know at this time, it is one of the best known methods for cleaning out your intestinal and colon walls. Although not intended as a weight-loss diet, it is effective at helping you balance your body and “rebooting” the metabolic process - which often results in weight loss (I lost around 10 lbs on this). A detox helps by: - Total body detoxification of years of built-up waste, which hasn't been properly removed due to todays level of pollution and the bodies inability to detoxify itself properly. - Extreme weight loss - Many have claimed that the fast allowed them to lose 20-40 lbs. in as little as a ten to twenty days, although this is not the main purpose of the diet. - Renewed energy and total body rejuvenation, freeing the individual of common aches and pains due to toxification of the body. - Highly increased immune system and an immense ability to fight of diseases which come from long-term abuse to the body from toxins and other pollutants. - Increased stamina and better sexual functionality and increased vigor. - Highly increased mental clarity and response - Although I didn't fast for spiritual reasons, I did have the benefit of knowing I can control my flesh and strengthening my spirit. I really think food is a stronghold for many people blocking their ability to have optimal health and an abundant life. - I stopped working out after an injury about a year ago and became very undisciplined. Although I'm completely healed, I simply started liking sleeping in a bit too much. This detox has given my a much needed jump-start on working out again. I plan to detox at least a few times per year, I've had a very positive experience. I'm going to workout now - gotta go!

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