Ghost Riding

When I was around 8 or so my friends and I used to practice the art of "ghost riding". As young boys, we found lots of strange ways to entertain ourselves and this was just one. We would ride our bikes as fast as we could down a long stretch of the street and then jump off our bikes leaving our bikes to "ride themselves" 10-20 feet, or more. The momentum of the bike kept the bike upright on its two wheels, making it look like a ghost was riding it! It was fun to watch how far the bike could go before coming to an inevitable end. Sometimes our bike would race towards a curb, slamming into it and flipping completely over. A few choice times, we witnessed a bike hit a curb, flip completely over and land back on its tires and roll a foot or two and fall on its side. With no one guiding the bike, it gave the appearance that the bike was fine on its own, moving forward, but ultimately, the bike always came to a crashing end. At one point I was Ghost Riding in life. I've found, that's how many people operate in their lives too. You can find people going along in life, looking good, smelling good and they have the appearance of going in the right direction. But, without a guide, most people are in for a crash in the future. Who's helping you in life? Do you have a guide? Fortunately for me, I have spiritual guidance, and other mentors in my life now to make sure I'm not "ghost riding" through life... CAP

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