"Ich dien"

How do you get more out of life? I can give you a few guesses. Do you get it by complaining and criticizing? Nope... How about wallowing in self-pity and demanding to be the center of attention and everything center around you and your needs? No...Not even close.
I've noticed, that we've become a "soft serve" society. We have every possible service available to cater to our needs. The only thing missing, for the most part, is "self serve". Often we're "hard" on our service providers, but "soft" when it comes to serving others ourselves.
I've mentioned before, that I'm reading a book, titled, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" (HSW). Before you jump to conclusions, no, I'm not a worry wart. However, since I work in a "people business", and it's on my reading list of books to read in the next year, I thought I should make sure I'm not worrying about stuff I can't control -- other people. Consequently, I've been reading HSW, almost every night, about 15 mins. at a time.
Tonight I came across the motto of the Prince of Whales: "Ich dien" -- "I serve." To put the mention of the above motto in context, the author of HSW used an illustration of service to others as a way to cure depression in 14 days. You see, there seems to be a healthy inner glow in a man with purpose, a mission. There's a joy of knowing that one is being used by an idea far more nobler and more significant that oneself. Alfred Adler, psychiatrist, would prescribe the following exercise to all his patients: "Try to think every day how you can please someone." The prescription came with a guarantee that, if they follow Dr. Adler's instructions, they would be cured from their depressed state in 14 days.
Most people know that, between Christmas and New Year's Day, many people can become depressed, some even commit suicide. However, I figured we don't have to be depressed to take on Dr. Adler's 14-day challenge. Will you join me in forgetting ourselves enough to become more interested in others? For the next 14-days (and hopefully for the rest of your life), do a good deed that will put a smile of joy on someone's face. I'd love to hear from you on how you are demonstrating "Ich dien" to the world (in big and small ways).
*Note: This blog was not intended to discriminate against those who like soft serve. I, for one, love soft serve. Generally, soft serve is lower in milk-fat and tends to allow the taste buds to detect more flavor. If you are in need for a soft serve, please go to: and find a location near you. In fact, if you take the 14-day challenge and comment about your experiences, I may treat you to a soft serve some time.

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