Maybe Next Year!

Watching the decline and fall of the Cleveland Cavs in the post-Lebron era has made me think about losing.  More than losing, I've been thinking about how one responds to losing.  Cleveland fans have waited longer than any other city with three major sports franchises to win a title. The last time a Cleveland professional sports team won a championship was in 1964 when the Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship (pre-Super Bowl era). In fact, in 2004, ESPN named Cleveland the most tortured sports city in America.  However, the response of Lebron leaving has left fans reeling.  There's an old rule of thumb when it comes to business: "don't pay more attention to competition than your customers (fans)."  In my estimation, Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavs, and the rest of the city really need to move on to focusing on what they have, not what they are missing or they'll miss the opportunity to teach the city of Cleveland and the rest of us some of the most important traits found in winners - perseverance AND optimism.

Being a Cubs fan from Chicago, I can relate to the torture-treatment experienced by Cavs fans.  However, despite our century-long-sports-slump in chi-town, at the end of each year we, Cubbie fans, still cheer - "Maybe Next Year!"  

"Maybe Next Year" is not a stale statement, mindlessly uttered by those who bleed blue.  "Maybe Next Year" is eternal optimism!  "Maybe Next Year" is loyalty.  "Maybe Next Year" is pride.  "Maybe Next Year" is love.  What I'm about to say may seem like blasphemy to most people, especially those who frequent baseball bleachers...Become more like a Cubs fan.

Optimism: Hope is one the most powerful forces on earth.  It's a core belief that energizes us with excitement and anticipation as we look forward to the future.
Loyalty: Out of a loyal heart will spring forth all virtues that make one of depth and growth.
Pride: Many mistake the word "pride" for lack of humility or being "puffed up".  But, the pride that is a sense of  one's own dignity and self-respect is sometimes the thing gets you back up again, and again after falling.   
Love: Show charity to those who play with you, and for you.

I now dub you honorary Cubs fans.  Go ye  and practice the "Maybe Next Year" motto.   

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