What's Your Haka Chant?

Over the last year or so, I learned about the power of confessions in my life. Every day, at least that's the goal, I have confessions that I speak over my family, myself, my business partners, etc. I have some of the confessions handy on my cell phone ready to access throughout the day. Have the confessions posted on my wall in my home office too. The confessions get my mind right; last night Rhoda, my wife, saw that I was dipping a bit and reminded me of the confessions we have for '09. As my day starts, the power of confessions gets me going - ready to take on the day. I'm ready to take authority over my life. I'm ready to step on the head of my enemy. I'm ready to conquer fear. I'm ready to win. I'm ready. It turns out that when you speak, you hear yourself with your "inner ear", which sounds different than listening to someone else speak. There's a benefit, a clear confirmation to yourself, if you will, when you tell yourself what God says about you. Sometimes you're the only one around you that will tell you who you are in God - so you should tell yourself more often. When you listen to someone else speak, you do so with your "outer ear". Don't believe me? Try recording voice. When you play back the recording of yourself talking, you'll notice it always sounds a bit different to you. Preachers often say that they don't like to watch themselves on DVD or listen to their audio recordings, because they don't like the way their voice sounds. Anyway, the power of confessions are used all the time, especially in sports. You'll see teams and more importantly players chant. One of my favorite examples is The All Blacks, the international rugby union team of New Zealand. The All Blacks perform a haka (kind of a chant) (Māori traditional dance) immediately prior to international matches. Some say, the chant is a bit of an intimidation factor for the opponent - even more reason to like it! Interestingly, chant, in the dictionary can also mean slogan, phrase or even psalm. What are you getting ready for today? What's your psalm, chant - whatever you want to call it? If you don't have one - get one. Eph. says, to keep on being filled with the Spirit. And you will recite to one another psalms... What's your confession, psalm, chant - whatever you want to call it? You tell'in the opposition that you're bigger, better, stronger and faster and that you've already won - so don't even try it?! Confessions: If you don't have some - get some. Watch the Haka Chant here: CAP *All Blacks Haka details found on wikipedia

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