What to do if the joke's on you

"Knock, Knock." "Who's there?" "Not you anymore." --Dilbert A Downturn Provides the Ideal Opportunity to Force Hard Choices London Business School professor Donald Sull wrote in the Financial Times that we need to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented by the economic downturn: Major change efforts are difficult in the best of times, and many people worry that a downturn will halt future progress or financial gains made to date. Indeed, in a downturn, people too often scurry from fighting one fire to the next (lay offs, credit cards, baby needs a new pair of shoes, the house bill's due, oh look, the light bill's due too!) and thereby lose sight of the longer transformation effort. Large-scale change initiatives typically require eight to 10 years to complete and often run out of steam along the way. Downturns provide an ideal opportunity to re-invigorate an ongoing transformation. You can harness a downturn to renew a sense of urgency, justify unpopular decisions and overcome complacency or resistance to change or you can bury your head in the sand and hope everything will turn out alright. If you use the same strategy your parents used, you have a 90% chance you'll be broke, busted or buried with debt to pass to your kids. How's your 401K? If you're over 40 yrs old and you lost money in your 401K over the last 18 months, compound interest simply is not your friend. How's your job going? The days of "job security", working for a company and getting the gold watch are over. Why do you think over 70% of moms have to work? How has the last 3-5 years gone for you--have you made progress financially or went backwards? If you're honest, what will your response be in this time? Will you bury your head in the sand or STOP doing the same things that don't work and START something new? You need to get on one of my video conferences and learn how to take the next 9 months (that will go by if you join my or not) and put yourself in position to make a six figure cash flow by the end of 2009. Please click on the following link:http://conferencing.katewwdb.com/meetings/wwg/15064836/vlogin.php?id=2095 OR Please click on the following link:http://conferencing.katewwdb.com/meetings/wwg/15064836/vlogin.php?id=6001 CAP twitter.com/chrisaperez

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