Win a FREE book! National grown-up super hero costume day!

Fall is here, and fall festivals abound. I do let my enterprising kids run around the neighborhood in search of deliciously, sweet, jewel-like loot (my son Edan, and my two daughters Cienna, aka Wonder Woman and Brianna bottom right pictured above). My only requirement is that my kiddos adorn themselves with costumes of characters they should aspire to be--no witches, dead people raised from the dead or goblins in my household. Super heroes are a perennial choice. This fall, there's a lot of doom and gloom and surprisingly it has nothing do with Halloween. This fall, we've had visitors coming to our houses, well in advance of Halloween, doing more tricking than treating. If you listen long enough, you might get a little pessimistic, sarcastic, and as gloomy as a average fall day in the Midwest. Many people are asking where's superman?! Where's superwoman?! Won't someone come to our rescue? The answer is simple. No. You are the hero. I'm NOT talking about some naturalist notion. I know where our true source of power comes from (GOD). However, living in a country that is blessed by the Big Guy empowers us to prosper (in every area of our life). We can't let the "bad news" mentally bum us out. We need to dream. Ronald Reagan, after losing his first bid for the presidency, wrote this note on the campaign ticket of a Sr. Advisor for his campaign: "We fought, we dreamed, and we dreamed some more...". The next Presidential election Mr. Reagan won. We need to dream, and dream some more. When I was a kid, I had "underoos". Underroos were underwear with super hero graphics! I went to bed every day as some form of super-human-mutant (Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman...). However, the dreaming didn't just happen when I was sleeping. As a little man, my whole day was about living the dream, playing the dream, acting out. It was evident in the things I watched, the people I played with, the clothes I wore, and the tools/toys I played with daily. I was listening to the President's Weekly Radio Address to the Nation (yes someone listens to this stuff) and I love the closing remarks from 'W' : "...We are a country where all people have the freedom to reach their potential and chase their dreams. This has defined our nation since its founding. This promise will guide us through the challenges we face today and this promise will continue to define our nation for generations to come..." So I've been thinking about that I'm going to take advantage of 10/31 and dress up! I figure since everyone else will be publicly playing dress up, it won't weird anyone out. Underoos would be a little more concealed, but they don't come in grown up sizes (I checked). How many of you are in? Will you join me in my declaration that we are the heroes! Individuals in this country still has dreams! Post your pic from national grown up super hero day, we'll vote and I'll send you a free book to the winner!

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Rhoda Perez said...

Brianna and Cienna read your blog and are in! They are your biggest fan and you are they're HERO!